Drama of an American Teenager

{March 25, 2009}   Sunday D&D

Last week when I arrived at my DM’s house my party was down the stairs that we had uncovered the last time. When I joined into help with the ensuing fight one of the wizards cast fireballs and caught the trolls that were down there on fire burning them alive. I, being a water elf could not handle the heat or the noxious fumes coming from the roasting trolls so I fell unconscious. Our party’s paladin carried me out of the room and back up the stairs. when everything down in the hole was burnt to a crisp we moved on into the next room and encountered ten drow and three pedapals. Rain, our Kender, decided to change her cloths before she fought. Yes that means she compleatly stripped down infront of God and everybody. This action caused one of the drow to fall at her feet, enamored with her. He was so in love with her that when she was hit by another drow he fought backbecause she was hurt. Apperantly I must very pretty cause I had a drow drop at my feet. So as not to trip over him I asked him to stand up I hacked through two of the three pedapals. Everyone else had been attacking the drow leaving only three to run of in fright. It turns out that there was a sprite trapped in this room and we rescued her. we ended out session there.

Jasmine, the Kender, and I were anle to turn the alginment of our drow friends to laful good and they now follow us. They are able to ride on dragons. Jaz and I thought since one of our group could not play with us that day due to work we rolled to see if she also got a drow follower and she did. So the moral of the story is the DM found out that even if it causes pain to you if your players had fun then it was a VERY succesful day.


{March 25, 2009}   March 24

Today was the usual school. First was the same blah. Second worked on my art project. Third read the entire period cause Mrs.Boquet was gone, taking care of sick kids I think, and I couldn’t work on my solo. Fourth since Boquet was gone we had a sub and watched a movies, I actually read a book. Fith worked on the regular band stuff and then we, the percussionists, worked on our group piece for  April fourth.

When i got home I got on the computer to take care of my email and the like. I also watched the episode of Bleach that I missed last weekend cause I was working. I have to go to church tonight to watch little kids be kids(annoying).

{March 18, 2009}   Sigh

Sunday I recived word that my DM is having his work sechdule changed. So until further notice we will not be having any sesions untill he can find another date that works for all of those involved. Sigh. Untill then I have to deal with Nascar races and such >.<. Guess I can live untill we start up again.

{March 12, 2009}   Extra Extra

Well after today my free period during 5th is coming to an end. After today the jazz band is done being sole project for mister Van, and all of us band types have to report and actually do something productive in the class. 

The Jazz band has had the entire week to get ready for their  performance at the Jazz show, which is tonight and tomorrow night, which is the only time they will perform this school year. I really don’t get why we are having two showings of this when we are going to have the same people at both showings and it is just a great big waste of time. I mean I can’t go to my game night cause that starts at 6:30 and the show is at 7:00. 

Anyway this is My update and I have others things to do before the bell rings.

{March 11, 2009}   GC Jazz Show

Moving closer and closer to the big two day event known as the GC Jazz show and this years theme is disco. We have spent two months learning the music and dance routines for the show as well as brushing up on our contest set all so we and a few brave souls willing to perform for free in front of friends and family. 

As of right now we still need to do alot of decorating but everyone seems to have their  pieces pretty well in hand. For us in the titled group we have practice tonight after school for who knows how long and maybe a practice tomorrow morning.

{March 10, 2009}   State Ac-Dec

Over the weekend I went to Mount Vernon to compete in the Iowa state academic decathlon. All who went competed in 10 different categories of academic achievement and most coming off the theme of Mexico’s history. At the end of the weekend four out of the twelve of us who went came home with a medal each and one of came home with a ribbon. I came home with a silver medal and my friend came home with a bronze. I was the top scorer for the Grundy Center team.

{March 10, 2009}   School Policies

Today  at 2:10 I have to go report to the cleaning lady to help her for a half an hour cause the school is being Nazi about the whole hand painting thing that the seniors get to do. What happens is that every year the seniors get to put their hand prints (painted) on a wall set aside for that, well that wall is very full so I decided to put mine around the corner. Apparently that is a very naughty no no and the original punishment was to have to repaint the wall we weren’t supposed to pain t white again but the school bored already went and did this so I now have to help the janitors cause i need to be punished for having original thinking and in this totalitarian school systems we are not to do that. 

On top of having to do that at the end of the day I have to go pick up my phone from the office because my art teacher took during second period. I was all done with my work and she took it, so I’m going the entire day without my clock and none of the school clocks work.

{February 27, 2009}   Trimester Tests

Well through one test out of the two I have to take today. I have a free period in between and I am going to be bored out of my mind. The Government test wasn’t to bad it was mostly multiple choice and a few fill in the blanks. I only skipped one question because I didn’t know the answer to it and it was a fill in the blank. My second test period is going to be fun, NOT, we have a final project that we are presenting today as well as our final test. At the start of the trimester Badde said that we weren’t having a final test and just having a final project, but since I’m in a class full of people that wouldn’t keep quiet and pay attention in class and contradicting the teacher at every turn we are having a final test. I am so mad. Oh well as soon as that is done I’m free to leave the premisses and have the rest of the to myself.

{February 26, 2009}   D&D Game Night

On Sunday afternoons I go and play d&d with friends, my dad, and my brothers. My character is an auqutic elf ranger named Aryia. Last week we were in a cave and came across a school room full of goblin mages. They first attacked our party leader, Taikara, I went to go protect her with my sheild. I ended up levatating above the ground. Nevets Belin, our gnome cleric that we met at the beging of the cave, distracted the goblin that cast the spell on me and I started to fall. Seconds later a spell the teacher goblin cast took affect and only he and my gnome friend were unaffected and to them time stopped. The teacher and Nevets had a show down, they took a draw. When the goblins left I crashed to the floor. We all went into the next room and saw two doors. Most of the party choose the door to the left while two others, Nafarious Applegate and Sagetorius, took the door to the right. The room I went into had a fountain in it that looked like my lige Cynadra. The fountain healed all wounds. There was another door in this room and we decided to go through it. In this room was another locked door, moss on the walls, and a picture of a red dragon on the floor with a ruby for an eye. I decided to try to open the door while others tried to get the ruby eye out. Nevets saw that the scales of the dragon could move adn decided to play with them. When he moved the scales made the moss head towards the door and it surrounded me. I decided to stand still so I wouldn’t anger it. Hawurar, our half elf mage we found in the cave, sent his summened bats to fly around me so I wouldn’t be hurt. At the end of our session Nevets had reveled a staircase going down from the dragon and screaming was issueing from them.

{February 23, 2009}   Wisdom teeth estraction

Friday I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I have gotten thru all right except that I really can’t eat what I want to and when I am not full of pain killer the pain is exruciating and the sweeling is a big pain to. That is all I have to say on that, and except for the extraction the omly other things that have been going is Ac-Dec study sessions and speech and play practices.

et cetera